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Heidi's also a painter and a singer; her debut single, "Wonderland," was released in the fall of 2006, with the proceeds going to a children's charity in her hometown.

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In December 2013, Montag stated that she and Conrad have "talked a few times" since the series' conclusion, elaborating that "it's unfortunate things happened the way that it did, but we're both different people now, older and more mature." However, in 2015, Heidi angrily excoriated Lauren when she appeared on Marriage Boot Camp, during a sequence where the contestants were asked to forgive someone who had hurt them in the past; Heidi told a stand-in for Lauren that Lauren had "ruined my life with her lies", said that Lauren DID have a sex tape and had falsely blamed it on her, and that she "forgave" Lauren for being terrible and trying to ruin her life.

Heidi was universally lambasted for bringing up the sex tape lies anew, parroting the views of Spencer Pratt (who, it's worth noting, is who Lauren actually blamed for spreading the false rumors—Lauren felt Heidi knew he was lying but took Spencer's side because she loved him), and trying to use Lauren's name to get publicity for herself.

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