Start Updating sql server from access

Updating sql server from access

Unlike SQL Server, Access also offers a variety of development tools and controls for building a flexible and easy-to-use end product. In this article, we'll discuss some of the advantages of using an Access Data Project as the front end to your SQL Server relational database.

Is there an easier way of doing this so my teams can add new customers on the MS access front end system?

The Enquiry Sources are names of methods of referal: Newspaper, Recommendation, Google etc The Admin Staff are names of employees creating the Customer. Callum Link the three tables or three simple views on the tables.

Unfortunately, linked tables require Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), which seems to be fading from the Microsoft communication strategy.

Choose this option knowing you'll be using old technology that may not be fully supported in the future.

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This is Ashampoo Win Optimizer 14 which makes your OS perform in a way you need it and not in a way the developer decides for you.

Burn users with a difficult-to-use or slow interface, and they'll toast your reputation.

You could spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel, or you could use Access—a relational database on its own.

Very new to the world of advanced access and SQL Server 2005.

I have now developed all my tables in SQL Server and added them to my blank database now in access using a ODBC connection.

When updating the tables myself in the SQL Side I use the ID's as integers but now I am in access I would like my users to be able to update these using the appropriate names on a list box.