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Ten dating show

The Bachelor invites five of his favourite ladies to a group dinner... The novelty of eating in the dark soon gives way when a healthy serving up jealousy is dished up. At 31, Blake is ready to settle down and share the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams.

Later on the group date "Nobody puts Baby in the corner".

One Bachelorette is flying high when she becomes the first to be chosen for a second single date.

Later, a "Cinderella Ball" awaits the winner of a waltz dance off.

In a new twist, it is the Bachelorettes deciding who goes on tonight's first single date.

The single date this week sees Tim and one lucky Bachelorette doing hot laps around Eastern Creek, but the action off the track appears to be just as heated.

Ten Bachelorettes team up to take one another down in a game of dodgeball.

A select group of girls go on a date with Tim to a photo shoot for a national magazine.