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” He said, “Yes, he’s our national hero.” We decided to look more into how these two leaders operated.

In today’s radically changing world, where uncertainty and chaos often reign, it can feel as if we have little control over business performance.

I believe in trying to understand all aspects in someone's life and recognizing the impact of their experiences, relationships, and understandings into the current way of life.

There are reasons for certain beliefs about ourselves and others.

For example, Scott would try to bet on unproven things.

[To reach the South Pole first] he bet on motor sledges, which was a disruptive technology of the time. They weren’t empirically validated in those [extreme weather] conditions.

Amundsen and his team made it back to their base at Polheim on the exact date that Amundsen had put in his planning journals when he was making his plans in Norway. you have a lower threshold and then you have an upper limit.

Meanwhile, Scott and every member of his team died on the way back, about 10 or 11 miles from a supply depot. But when Jim and I started looking in detail at what he did, that is when it became fascinating. You must hit the targets you set for yourself no matter what. When we looked at Amundsen, the fascinating part is that he had, literally, a 15-mile march target. On the good days, he held back; he didn’t go the distance he could have gone. On the very difficult days, he made maybe five, six, seven miles, but nevertheless, he traveled on those days where Scott and the other team would sit in their tents. Underlying that is what can only be described as fanatic discipline.

The Norwegian team, [led by] Amundsen, got to the South Pole first.