Start Robert pattinson and katy perry dating

Robert pattinson and katy perry dating

Lauren is currently the spokesperson for “Mark”, an avon line marketed towards the younger female market. Age: 25 Why She’s On The List: You know her as the bad-girl of Dillon, Texas; Adrianne Palicki portrays ‘Tyra Collette’ on the NBC drama Friday Night Lights.

We told you last month about how Rob was bordering on desperate to convince Katy to give things between them a chance.

The two have been good friends for a few years now and they have bonded even more in recent months over dating cheaters.

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Katy turned up at the after party to celebrate Rob’s new film, magazine, Rob and Katy spent quite awhile making out and they could have cared less who happened to catch them in the act.

The fact that neither of them was worried about hiding anything is pretty interesting — it’s almost as if they wanted it to leak out that they are a bit more than friends.

If you don’t like her movies, don’t worry she can kick your ass, since she is a Second Degree Blackbelt! Age: 22 Why She’s On The List: While you know and love her from her portrayal of Blair Waldorf, on Gossip Girl, the world was first introduced to Leighton in a Texas State hospital. Age: 22 Why She’s On The List: More affectionately know as “LC”, we first met Lauren on the MTV reality show “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”.

Her parents were in jail for drug trafficking when she was born. We then followed her to college and then stayed with her for her current MTV series “The Hills”.

Could Katy and Rob be taking their friendship to the next level?

But while Rob may have made the bold move and kissed Katy, she seems to have her reservations about taking things to the next level with her friend.

Katy was also spotted at Coachella hanging out and flirting with another musical man — DJ Diplo!