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Robert axel gay dating game

Act one finishes with the friends arriving back at Welsh's bar, with Michael's deer strapped to the hood of the car.

The next day, Mike, Nick, Steven, John, and Axel go deer hunting one last time.

Mike is exasperated by his friends, especially Steven, who drinks and clowns, showing little respect for the ritual of hunting, which to Mike is a nearly sacred experience.

Later that night, a drunken Mike runs through the town, stripping himself naked along the way.

After Nick chases him down, he begs Mike not to leave him "over there" if anything happens in combat.

In the meantime, Mike works to control his feelings for Nick's girlfriend Linda (Meryl Streep). Mike attempts to ask what Vietnam is like, but the soldier ignores him.

At the wedding reception held at the local VFW hall, the guys drink, dance, sing, and enjoy the festivities, but then notice a soldier in a U. After Mike explains that he, Steven, and Nick are going to Vietnam, the Green Beret raises his glass and says "fuck it".

Nick, who is psychologically damaged, recuperates in a military hospital in Saigon with no knowledge on the status of his friends.