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Qld dating laws

As your child grows up and becomes more independent, you might be wondering how old he needs to be before he can do things like open a bank account, join a political party, get a tattoo, see a doctor alone or consent to medical treatment, learn to drive, get a part-time job or be left at home alone.

These are community-based organisations that provide free legal advice and information, especially for disadvantaged people or people with special needs.

National Children’s and Youth Law Centre This is a free, independent community legal centre for children and young people.

Victoria Legal Aid Victoria Legal Aid helps people with legal problems.

Updated 7/2000 (No documentation exists to support this entry). The precise legal position is as follows: Under Queensland law, a somewhat arcane distinction is drawn between anal intercourse (referred to as "sodomy") and other forms of intercourse.

Legal Aid NSW – Children’s Legal Service The Children’s Legal Service gives advice and information to young people involved with the law.

You can get face-to-face advice at locations throughout New South Wales, or call the Youth Hotline, 9 am-midnight, 7 days – phone 1800 101 810. This information covers what’s legal when for young people in the Northern Territory.

Before then, they also have rights that can be enforced.