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Patent number dating chart

ery hue is contiguous and in closest juxtaposition to the like degree of chroma of us opposite or complementary hue. It is generally understood that higher values of a color have a greater stimulating effect than lower values. the higher the chroma,the greater i the stimulati e By increaslng in ,each principal sector the areasof,thefffaceletslfrom left to right, the. cover "smaller area than the lower ,v'alue sf Similarlyithe' areas of] higher chroma are smaller than, the areas of lower chroma; Bythelproper selection of the dis tance' between the center. 10 and 12, and by properly grading the distances between.

A plurality of masks and in fact alarge number of masks may be pro-v vided for selectively exposing particular colors desired to be compared or for expos ing for educational purposes a plural ty of colors correlated in an orderly way by laws of color physics.

We contemplate particularlythe useof a plurality of masks for illustrating color relations which are based on the Munsell conception disclosed in the Patent No.

The third, lfifth, etc, rows contain li'cate the ranges of chroma of decreasingly-smalle I values. rows con- -tain the corresponding ranges of chroma of the complementary color. Thus the number 8- represents the highest value, and the number 10 signifies the highest chroma.

e e The colors are marked along the circle blue-green' (BG), blue (B), purple-blue -(PB), pu rple' (P) and red-purple (RP).

e; the or the third and fourth, or the fifth and sixth and second, facelets etc.

J As is clearly indicated, in each of the five principal sectors the radial lines 11 are spaced increasingly farther a art in pairs in clockwise direction, i.

824,374.-, but have not been adequately demonstrated therein.

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