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Fluffy grabs the stick and just stands there, looking very very serious. Then, after 5 minutes, Fluffy hits the can with his stick.

" "Yes, and I do it very well, if I may say." "You may. A dog playing golf…" Fluffy jumps on his legs and starts running.

" The 2 dogs run and run until they reach the park.

We became official only a couple of weeks later and moved in tog I signed up to Oasis, not for the purpose of meeting anyone but because I had just immigrated to Australia from Scotland and was using this as a means to create friendships.

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Story 05 – Sean and the birthday cake Story 06 – Amanda's Work Story 07 – Nicole's Drums Story 08 – Language Confusion Story 09 – Kevin's Car Story 10 – Kimberly's Acting Story 11 – A Surprise from Australia Fluffy the dog (just below this section).

Maybe you could give me some food and snacks, and a bath too?

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