Start Move storage group path validating the destination file paths

Move storage group path validating the destination file paths

Sometimes it is beneficial to start anew with a clean post office database and then begin to move our Group Wise users over from the old to the new.

When the agents do correctly load, but cannot communicate with one another, it is usually due to incorrectly configured links, so that the agents don't know exactly how to find and communicate with each other. NCF (on the Net Ware platform) for the name of the actual config file being used.

As well as checking all of the Group Wise parameters - UNC paths, TCP/IP addresses, link configurations, etc. For example: Another good overview article on moving an entire Group Wise system is TID 10024917.

There you can see that he begins with changing the configuration parameters for the Group Wise agents in e Directory through Console One (which, in most cases, also automatically changes the corresponding parameters in the text-based configuration files for those agents).

There are UNC paths for the Software Distribution Directory and Libraries and log file paths to be changed, and IP addresses for the MTA and POA, which need to correspond to the new server.

Finally, in the migration process, is the verification process, where we find out if we've installed and configured everything correctly (or not).

It is always best to manually launch one agent at a time, and determine if it is loaded correctly, and then move on to the next agent.

The second consideration is whether each agent can correctly communicate with the other agents, so that messages can flow from one to another.

Usually, when the migrated agent cannot load correctly, it is due to an incorrectly configured UNC path, so the agent cannot find and load its database files as it should.

For the most part, it is essential to understand the components that make up your Group Wise messaging/calendaring system, and what parts communicate with what other parts, and how that communication takes place.

Most Group Wise admins already know that the basic Group Wise system consists of a Message Transfer Agent (MTA), a Post Office Agent (POA), and usually one or more gateways, such as the Internet Agent (GWIA) and Web Access Agent (WAA).

In this sense, the Group Wise agents run somewhat independently from the host operating system.