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Mika brzezinski joe scarborough dating Oq V— Buzz Feed News (@Buzz Feed News) January 27, 2017Speaking with clarity and confidence, May easily showed off her policy chops and moral clarity on sanctions against Russia—which she supports—while Trump hedged.

Appearing with the president at the White House on Friday afternoon, she did her country proud by downplaying differences with Trump, including on torture, in an effort to advance her national interests.

For instance, Mc Cain is going to vote to confirm Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, the recipient of an Order of Friendship award from Putin.

Will Mc Cain carry through his threat of trying to pass a law to codify anti-Russian sanctions? ZVVo PUSi— Jonathan Greenblatt (@JGreenblatt ADL) January 27, 2017The omission is troubling because, as my colleague Juliet Kleber recently pointed out, the Trump administration “entertains a degree of anti-Semitism unparalleled in recent American administrations,” most notably in the figure of Steve Bannon, whose former website Breitbart has been accused of running anti-Semitic articles.

As strongly worded as Mc Cain’s statement is, it carries little force.