Start Microsoft security essentials not updating through proxy

Microsoft security essentials not updating through proxy

Once the real time protection is disabled, Identity Cloaker version 2 starts working properly again.

Earlier Today, our main server experienced technical issues and was unreachable for over 3 hours.

Individual VPN and proxy servers were not affected.

The only exception is still the new EDGE web browser – it cannot be cloaked when using the standard Identity Cloaker application, the Portable version, however, does cloak it.

The EDGE problem is being worked on but requires a significant change in the code of the Identity Cloaker application.

Just connect via any of our US located proxy servers and it should work as before.

At this point the access is possible only through the proxy servers and not via VPN though.

Additionally, connecting to servers may take longer than usual and the IP address may not be changed the first time you connect.

Solution: If you experience the above mentioned problems, we strongly suggest you download and install Identity Cloaker Portable instead.

Please try it and discuss any problems with our helpdesk We have been informed about a problem with one of the recent Windows Updates, which causes technical issues with Identity Cloaker version 2.

At this time there is only limited information about the problem available.

As always, if you would like us to add a server at new locations, please contact our customer support and it will be considered.