Start Mary janes local hook up

Mary janes local hook up

Stidston, 1 1861 census, Scobbiscombe William Stidston, 50, farmer, 526 acres, employing 6 labourers and 4 boys Elizabeth Stidston, 33, born Cockington (? loving memory of John Hellins, the son of William and Elizabeth Stidston who died June 15 1855 aged 10 months, also of Edward their son who died 17 January 1860 aged 14 months 66.

It is also notable that all eight Banks children in the NZ run have had prior professional musical roles, either in Mary Poppins (Australian tour), Annie or Love Never Dies The Norwegian production of Mary Poppins opened on September 17th 2015 and had it's last show March 13th 2016.

Sacred to the memory of William the son of John and Mary Stedeford who departed this life 19 April 1849 aged 16 years and 6 months. Sacred to the memory of Christian, the wife of William Lane, who departed this life 19 February 1816 aged 22 years ? Sacred to the memory of John, son of James and Elizabeth Stoneman, who died 24 September 1847 aged 25 years 1861 census, Kingston James Stoneman, 71, agricultural labourer Elizabeth Stoneman, 70 1851 census, Kingston James Stoneman, 59, agricultural labourer Elizabeth Stoneman, 57 George Stoneman, 20, son, agricultural labourer Eliza Stoneman, 18, dressmaker 1841 census, Kingston Village James Stoneman, 50, agricultural labourer Elizabeth Stoneman, 45 John Stoneman, 15 (sic) Anne Stoneman, 12 Eliza Stoneman, 8 Samuel Stoneman, 5 61.

Sacred to the memory of John Moorshead who departed this life 29 October 1839 aged 68 years 64.

Sacred to the memory of Jephthah Edgecombe who died 2 October 1838 aged 55 years, also of Mary his wifewho died 1 April 1877 aged 88 years, also Richard, son of the above Jephthah and Mary Edgecombe, who died aged 4 years 56.

In loving memory of Ann the daughter of Jephthah and Mary Edgecombe who died 3 July 1900 aged 80 years 57.

Ages in the censuses may not correlate exactly with those on the headstones. In memory of Henry and George, the sons of John and Dinah Martin Henry died on 16 December 1839 aged 3 years and 5 months George died on 1 October 1858 aged 5 years and 5 months 1841 census, Kingston Village, John Martin, 30, farm labourer, Dinah, 25 Elizabeth, 3 Mary, 5 1851 census, Scobbiscombe Gate John Martin 40, Dinah, born Stokenham, 37 Mary Anne 10 Henry 7 Dinah 5 3. Kendall, 17, single, domestic servant, born Bigbury 1881 census, Kingston Village Joseph Searle, 49, farmer, 117 acres, employing 2 men and 2 boys Paulina Searle, 59, wife Caroline Whiddon, 80, widow, boarder Sarah Light, 20, unmarried, servant Samuel Edgecombe, 22, unmarried, servant, indoor and farm.

Where the search engine has failed to correlate with a name, or if a name is missing from a particular year, I have not attempted to look for it by other means. Dearest wife and son of John, and dear Mum and Brother of Nicholas and Annette 10 June 1977. Sacred to the memory of George Marten who departed this life 31 December 1837 aged 29 years, also of Williamthe son of George and Mary Ann Marten, who died 23 March 1837 aged 1 year, also Mary Ann, late wife of Richard Edwards, former wife of the above who died 18 June 1870 aged 58 years 1871 census, Kingston 1861 census, Kingston Village Richard Edwards, 55, agricultural labourer, born Ringmore Ann Edwards, 49, born North Huish George Edwards, 9, agricultural labourer, born Ringmore 2. (see South, Row D 9) 1891 census, Farm House, Kingston Joseph Searle, 58, farmer Paulina Searle, 70, wife William King, 10, grandson, scholar Mary A.

Most of the original Australian cast will continue their roles within the show, but replacements have not yet been announced for the ones who aren't.