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Love dating grus com

She often looks worried if Margo walks off ahead of her and runs after Margo, not wanting to be left behind.

She also wears a white ballet outfit like Edith and Margo (at the ballet recital).

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When she doesn't get her way, she holds her breath until she does get her way and when she still doesn't get her way by the time she opens her eyes, she pretends to faint, and Margo implies she has done this numerous times before.

Agnes has a huge love of candy, wishing her new parents to have a gummy bear house, and happily eats out of the pet food bowl Gru filled with candy.

But perhaps the most fun thing about this villain, at least for adults, is that he’s voiced by movies are certainly Illumination Entertainment’s greatest achievement to date, I haven’t fallen in love with the franchise.

The humor is more childish and slapsticky, though it does have shreds of cleverness.

She is a very naïve and innocent child, which is why Margo is so protective of her.