Start Looking for a dating partner or a soul mate

Looking for a dating partner or a soul mate

Just as in our prior life in Egypt together, the glorious symmetry of the universe repeating itself as it never fails to do, I held Virgil tightly to my chest as he took his last breaths. Needless to say, the average relationship is not this dramatic, but soulmates do tend to have a more intense relationship than ordinary couples.

Needless to say, from the moment we met, Virgil and I were inseparable.

He asked me to marry him days later and as crazy and against logic as it might have seemed, I happily accepted.

There was just something about Virgil that never made me doubt the purpose of his presence in my life: we felt like we already knew each other from somewhere, we got along effortlessly, our numerology matched perfectly, and we both shared the same mentality. This is not to say we didn't argue or experience typical hardships of life, but we always acknowledged what was most important at the end of the day, and that was having each other in our lives.

We figure: "Hey I've come this far, why would I want to go through all of that again and start at square one?

But how many of us can say they've found their soul mate? We try and fail and try again in all aspects of life, until we hopefully succeed our task. Just as a baby adorably falls down many times before finally learning to walk, we also symbolically "fall down" and must pick ourselves up again in everything we try to do.

We date our high school sweetheart at 15 and, although we know this probably won't be the person we will marry and spend the rest of our lives with, we give love its first try. In my career as a psychologist, I've seen it all: I've had patients who have married their childhood love whom they've known since the age of six, and have stayed blissfully married forever.

I asked my father why he left me, but soon found out he had come to deliver a very different sort of message to me.