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Located in the Highgate Conservation Area, the peaceful Bishopswood Road has long been one of the most desirable streets to live in Highgate. Grand entrance hall provides access to the formal reception rooms, study and cloakroom. Master bedroom suite features custom-made furniture. The suite includes his and hers dedicated dressing rooms with bespoke wardrobe units and his and hers ensuite bathrooms. Master suite his and hers bathrooms feature designer sanitaryware including taps and shower by Dornbracht and a bespoke stone bath. All lights are controlled via Lutron panels installed in each room.

I remember a Lawyer who lived a block or so away from me who had a Packard like that and a uniformed chauffeur that drove him. When the son came home from his WW2 service he became the driver.

A few years later he taught me to drive in the Packard's replacement, a Kaiser 4 door sedan. Dual Freq was just too smart for me, except for the "they" part.

All the cars in the shot belonged to Hil(dred) Probert.

I think I see the right taillight of an early '50s Studebaker peeking out from behind the building. This house was featured in a movie entitled Impact in 1949.

The gas pumps say late '50s to me, but it could certainly be a decade later. Assuming the car in the right foreground is registered in California, this would not be later than 1962 (black on yellow). The car in the Mobilubrication bay looks to be a circa 1940 La Salle.

This photo was taken by Elmer Shine who just happened upon the event as he was traveling from town to town polishing Packards.

The event is soon to be revisited on the History Channel. Roughly 1960 to 1965, those are late '50s gas pumps with the logo that was phased out about the same time as the "-cation" typeface and a rather different logo came in around 1962. Front-and-center is a late '30s senior series Packard, an approximately '40 La Salle is in the bay on our left, on our far right in the alley is something that looks very Model A-ish, the roadster in the bay on the right is hard to ID from this angle but it's unlikely to be much newer than 1935 or so. Word gets around in the old car crowd, Mr Probert, or someone working for him, was obviously the go-to guy for servicing older cars in Larkspur. Judging by the 1942 strip on top of the 1941 base license plate issued by California at the time on the Chevrolet coupe in front of the Packard, the photo was taken in 1942. Someone was bored waiting for "Miss Daisy" to finish her shopping & decided to take a photo of the car he had just washed & polished for the trip into town.

The gas station pump area is now a barbershop, flanked by two retail stores, the former dealership to the left (out of picture) is now a collection of retail stores.