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Introducing dating to youth

For what more can the king’s successor do than what the king has already done?

Catholic view—musings or thoughts of a rational man attempting to reason himself to God.

Man, if given enough data and evidence, can think himself into a corner where only God is. Many more modern scholars [Margoliouth, Burkitt, Zimmerman (1945), Delitzch (late 1800’s)] thought the book was originally written in Aramaic and then translated in Hebrew. Some believe that it would have been unusual for Solomon to write (I … The natural reading of the book is going to lead one to strongly consider Solomon as the author. says that the speaker was king over Israel in Jerusalem.

The majority of reasons offered for non-Solomonic authorship seem weak at best, yet the vast majority seem to espouse those same reasons.

The books of scripture are given inherent authority by God and the church merely recognized that authority. With the Torah Num You must have this tassel so that you may look at it and remember all the commandments of the LORD and obey them and so that you do not follow after your own heart and your own eyes that lead you to unfaithfulness.

This thought dates the book in the third century BC. was king over Israel) since Solomon was the king until the day he died. Some believe that the book has a pseudonymous author. Solomon was the last king to rule in Jerusalem over all of Israel.

This position would state that the author wanted to offer the book a Solomonic feel, but was not truly written by Solomon. There are a myriad of other extremely unconvincing arguments in favor of non-Solomonic authorship. “Scott, for example, speaks for most in asserting the linguistic and historical evidence to indicate that Ecclesiastes was written in the late Persian or early Greek period. Following Solomon’s rule the kingdom was divided and ruling in Jerusalem would have allowed one to only rule Judah. 12:9 establishes that the author arranged many proverbs.

While we establish that the task in front of us is possible, it does not follow that it is easy. While Solomon was working toward a conclusive point, he did so in a cyclical manner. It appears that Solomon desired to teach young people these truths so that they could avoid the errors he made throughout his life.