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Haeger plater dating

As well as the carbon, there are many metal elements that are a part of steel alloys and have a great affect on their properties.

Mild steel may also be thought of as steel which is not stainless.

Mild steel and low carbon steels mainly differ from stainless steels in having a much lower percentage of chromium.

But, the majority of sheet metal products we manufacture from mild steel have to have some sort of protection either as a surface treatment e.g. The plating processes are used to control the finished coating thickness on the sheet metal.

The plating process can be used to produce single sided and differential coatings as well as the standard double sided coatings that are most commonly supplied.

Mild steel is a type of steel alloy, which contains a high percentage of carbon as a major alloying agent.

Alloys are simply a mixture of one or more metals with non-metals, designed to give specific improved properties over the parent base metal.

We use Zintec sheet metal for metal work that doesn’t need a full zinc plate treatment but would rust if only made from mild steel.