Start Hackintosh validating package payload

Hackintosh validating package payload

The postupgrade script is run after files have been installed and before the postflight script if one is defined.

It leverages Apple’s pkgbuild tool to create payload-free packages from existing scripts.

All Payload-Free Package Creator components and scripts are available at my Git Hub repo: If you want to know more about the process that Payload-Free Package Creator uses, I have a post on how how to use pkgbuild to create payload-free packages.

Since payload-free packages do not install files, these script categories would not execute properly.

When working with bundle-style and flat packages, one thing to keep in mind is that the script category names will not match up across the different types of installer packages.

The table below shows the variables that are available for use with shell scripts.

Here’s an example of using the $3 variable in a payload-free package script.

Back when Apple Remote Desktop 1.2 (ARD) was the main tool I used to administer my Macs remotely, I wanted to be able to run Unix commands remotely but needed a delivery vehicle that could send them over ARD. Installer packages are Apple’s preferred way to install software.