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The subgenre has evolved with greater levels of environmental detail and more realistic behaviors.

Moreover, Hunter also had many unique features such as day and night lighting, fuel modelling, a log book, aerial observation units, tank traps, land mines and computer-controlled rocket batteries and tracer guns.

Unlike later games in the series, and indeed many earlier influences, the first two GTA games were 2D.

Names such as "sandbox games", however, are applied to a wider range of games that do not share key features of the Grand Theft Auto series.

"The things they're self-conscious about is what I'm into," Jones said.

and noted how GTA III had combined elements from previous games and fused them together into a new immersive experience.

For instance, radio stations had been implemented earlier in games such as Sega's Out Run (1986) The game featured an expanded soundtrack and the voice talent of several Hollywood actors, including Ray Liotta.

The video opens with Jones passionately kissing his 91-year-old girlfriend, great-grandmother Marjorie Mc Cool.