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Gay dating acronyms

When sifting through profiles, follow these guidelines and you’ll never go wrong when searching for Mr. OK, now let’s identify some commonly used blurbs that will make the conversation run more smoothly.

Women have a tendency to overuse LOL, inserting it into online conversations at inappropriate places or using it when they don’t actually think something is funny.

In today’s world, you must be educated in online etiquette if you plan to date and chat online.

Or you can just print this article and put it by your computer to use as quick and easy reference!

The tricky part about chatting online is staying in touch with the latest dating acronyms and being well-versed in cyber symbols and abbreviations.

If you’re not careful, you might stumble blindly into an embarrassing situation you could have otherwise avoided with just a quick review of some common acronyms.

If they are looking for a long term relationship, they will indicate that by writing ISOLTR.

Sometimes people just want a STR, or short term relationship.

GSOH means good sense of humor, something that is necessary in any relationship. So if a dater writes MISOWGHOH, that means he is looking for a woman with a good sense of humor.