Start Free hook up phone numbers

Free hook up phone numbers

You may continue your conversation; the Ti Vo box will disconnect within 20–30 seconds.

Press CLEAR to enter a star (*), and remember to press the PAUSE button after you have entered the prefix to insert a comma.

When Availability Detection is on, the Ti Vo DVR checks whether the phone line is in use before it attempts to connect to the Ti Vo service. With Availability Detection turned off, if you have another modem call in progress (on your computer or other device), the Ti Vo box may disrupt the call when it attempts to call the Ti Vo service.

In this case, it is best to have Availability Detection off.

To change your phone dialing options any time after completing Guided Setup, go to Ti Vo Central and select Messages & Settings Change phone or network settings, and then update your options as needed.

You are responsible for any charges you may incur when using a particular access number.

To help minimize costs, try the following: IMPORTANT: We do NOT recommend disconnecting the Ti Vo DVR from the phone line as a method of decreasing phone call costs.

NOTE: The most common code that phone companies use to disable call waiting is *70 (star-seven-zero).