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Fiona forbes dating anthony michael hall

Alas, she decided that she didn't want to sit there (I heard her say something about not being able to smoke.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13 · Saw ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL at Farmer's Market on Wednesday Aug 13th with Fiona Forbes (she's a Canadian tv host who no one in LA would reconize but i did! SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 · Fiesta Cantina, The ' Ho: Fighting my way through the gay-os to secure one last 2-for-1 drink special, I spotted BRYAN SINGER jauntily hopping to the music as he entered.

He looked fresh and young but not as fresh and young looking as the A&F wearing tyke he was with. TUESDAY, AUGUST 19 · Saw twice in one night: the beautiful TATYANA ALI at Gingergrass and Hyperion Tavern with some friends.

His remarkably sympathetic foil and musical cohort, electric guitar and lap steel sound sculptor Jon Wood, conjures up sound and colour, building spaces where ghosts dwell and shadows beckon. Sometimes it’s as simple as three sweet harmonies, or a single harmonica holding the whole room at attention, and sometimes things growl and shake and come smashing down with a filthy rhythm beneath it. The duo Quick Silver are Hilary Spencer and Grant Baynham, the former a formidable talent honed over many years of professional singing on stage as well as a 20 year stint with the a cappella group Artisan, and the latter a singer-guitarist who has no difficulty interpreting the two-finger “snakes and ladders” runs of Django up and down the fingerboard and then following on with Bach and Scarlatti.

Grant spent five years as resident performer on the BBC TV show “That’s Life!

” in the footsteps of his friend, the late Jake Thackray, and he has a similar way of using words and music to illuminate the quirky corners of life that many of us don’t take the time or opportunity to look into. Check them out at Connla are an exciting new band with strong traditional roots as well as influences from across the globe.

Their sensitive and innovative arrangements of traditional and modern folk songs and tunes have earned them praise across the folk community.

It could mean problems, in fact, for a whole lot of people in Hollywood.

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This is a list of the fifty most recent judgments ordered by the date that they were published. Only where there is a significant point of law or particular public interest will the details be published.

Scottish duo The Jellyman’s Daughter lands squarely in the middle of a strange crossroads between bluegrass, post-rock, folk and the good kind of pop.

, so if you want to see more installments of Privacy Watch, then all you've got to do is to send us your sightings.