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Dating in riyadh

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the largest country in the Middle East, is 95% desert, including the Rub' Al Khali, the biggest mass of sand on the planet.

You believe in love and romance, but you havenât met the man or woman of your dream yet ...

Our dating group is the right place for you to start with!

OFW’s or Filipinos who renewed their passport in the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh can now check if their passport is ready for release online.

P-DRAM's goal is to provide support and resources to build Relationships that are Long lasting. Everyoneâs relationship is unique, and people come together for many different reasons.

This is a community of those who believe love is colorblind.

Love is not based on race, culture, class or where you were born.

In 1990, following Iraq's attack on Kuwait, Saudi Arabia joined the anti-Iraq coalition, which ultimately led to an increase in Islamic terrorism within the country, as well as attacks on western countries.