Start Dating a sickle cell patient

Dating a sickle cell patient

This can happen if you have sickle cell disease yourself, or if you are a carrier of the gene, without symptoms.

You may be asked some questions first to see if you are at risk because of your family origins. Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Green-top guideline 61. [pdf file, accessed May 2013] My name is Janet Adjei, am from Ghana, am 29 years, I am SC and my husband is AC.

This does not mean that one in four babies born to this couple will have sickle cell disease. But we all know families that have all boys or all girls.

The same thing happens with inherited conditions, so one family may have more than one baby with sickle cell, or none with the disease..

The haemoglobin in normal red blood cells makes them soft, round and flexible, and able to move easily around the body.

At times when people with sickle cell disease produce abnormal haemoglobin, the red blood cells become hard, sticky and sickle-shaped (like a crescent).

You can also get lots of encouragement from the specialist team and sickle cell support groups.

And it may help to know that most people with sickle cell disease do not have symptoms all the time, and can get on with life when they feel well.

Finding out your baby has sickle cell disease can come as a shock.