Start Consolidating library

Consolidating library

You can find these non-music items in your i Tunes folder (in the My Music folder).

If your i Tunes library comes primarily from the i Tunes Store, try this option.

The drawback is that it probably won't work for everything (most people have music from CDs and other stores), but it can reduce the transferring you need to do in other ways.

Start by signing the computer that will have the shared i Tunes library into the i Tunes account associated with the i Pod. If a window pops up with a "Transfer Purchases" button, click that.

Do not choose "Erase and Sync"--you'll erase your music before you move it.

Some apps will copy via Home Sharing, some may not.

For ones that don't, you can redownload them onto the merged library for free.

Unlike the external hard drive method above, these programs let you retain star ratings, playcounts, playlists, etc. (If you don't, I'd recommend starting before a hard drive failure makes you sorry you didn't.

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