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C onvalidating

Could you please supply us with a sample project demonstrating this problem?

The most straightforward way will be to constraint your field values in Wait, really?

This is a lot of code and the designer will need to run the game to see that message. In fact there is, and I’m not talking about writing a custom inspector.

I have a parent model with a submodel nested in it and tools outside the submodel but within the parent model that connect to the submodel.

In the submodel, the first tool is "create geodatabase".

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The Edit Mask property allows validation of the data on a character by character basis while it is being entered by the user.

On Validate allows an application to validate the data as a whole.

However, it is unclear why the On Validate event isn't fired.

Perhaps, there are other things involved at your end.

You can use the On Validate() method: is a method that is executed directly in the editor whenever the designer will change a field/property.