Start Brighton speed dating events

Brighton speed dating events

Not so - Speed Dating has established itself as a staple of the rapidly growing singles market and several years on its popularity remains strong. The simple format of bringing together around 20 girls and 20 guys to meet for around 4 minutes each works.

We are currently looking for a fantastically cool speed dating venue in Brighton , so if you know somewhere please let us know and we will give you and your friends free places at our launch event in Brighton .

Smart Dating UK joined forces with the NSPCC in January 2004.

We now donate 5% from your speed dating booking fee to the NSPCC at our speed dating parties in Brighton and across the UK.

When Speed Dating burst onto the UK singles scene with a blaze of media interest in 2003 many thought of the events as something of a fad.

A speed dating evening can be arranged if you click online or speak to an adviser to make a reservation.

This is a fun way to spend an evening in beautiful surroundings where drinks are served to help participants relax and be themselves.

Internal mail and instant messenger facilities allow you to communicate and develop relationships at your own pace.