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During this time Liam and Steffy become friends and Liam develops feelings for her. Liam and Steffy marry, but their marriage is opposed by Katie and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang).

Asked by the director if he wished to know the secret, or learn the truth when Liam does, Clifton agreed to hear the truth immediately.

He withheld his knowledge from cast-mates and backstage crew for several months as the storyline played out.

Of the character's unrevealed history, Clifton knows little.

His interpretation of the character is that he is from the Midwest.

The fictional father/son duo have consistently clashed, which has led to greater storytelling potential.

An early plot hole was revealed to Clifton by fans of the show.

He also believes that, while Liam's mother is dead, he has a living stepfather, who has yet to be introduced.