Start Afrocentric dating clubs

Afrocentric dating clubs

Their third record is a bonafide end-to-end classic, but it just so happens to share a release date with one of the few albums ever recorded in its genre (or any other) to become the kind of certified, dynasty-creating phenomenon that would last decades.

On the mic, Tip’s unmistakably sharp-yet-smooth voice — nasal yet ceaselessly cool, capable of weighty knowledge or off-beat goofiness — is one of the most instantly recognizable in rap, while Phife’s hyped-yet-grounded presence brought the raw punchlines and off-the-hook manic energy; this made their two-MC dynamic rap’s second-greatest odd-couple pairing after Chuck and Flav.

Imagine a band that faces the kind of trajectory usually posited as a hard-luck story, a series of events that goes a little something like this: First, they drop a name-making debut that winds up becoming both one of the most acclaimed, hardest-to-follow first efforts by any group of an entire decade, and the last thing they released featuring major contributions by a core member who came up with some of their strongest ideas.

Then they revamp their image to stave off a sophomore slump, and while the album garners critical acclaim and the hearts of their core audience, it doesn’t even reach the top 40 of ’s album charts, and the most popular single sees them memorably outdone by some guesting up-and-comers.

In recent years, Hollywood has had its hands full with two projects: creating largely-fictitious films about black heroes overcoming oppressive whites (.

Tyler Perry creates Afrocentric entertainment for primarily-black audiences, and that’s how it should be.

It is only so much of that you can take of the night life for 5 years! And, if you like jazz, Branford Marsalis lives in Durham and performs occasionally.

Sometimes, I just want to invite a bunch of "single" people over for cards, music, games and drinks.

However, on a grand scale, Dallas is more like a "Big St.