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2016 college dating violence and abuse poll

Almost 90 percent said they would be casting a vote for Clinton in the fall (89%), and 60 percent said they were satisfied with their choices.

“In the current survey, 42 percent of white evangelicals say it will be difficult to choose between Trump and Clinton because neither one would make a good president.

This preference lines up with African Americans at large, who favor Clinton.

Black Protestant voters diverge from the much larger group of white evangelicals, who make up one out of five registered voters and one out of three Republicans.

The trend is the same for black Protestants: 76 percent voted in support of a candidate in 2012, compared to 56 percent in 2016.

And 14 percent voted against a candidate in 2012, compared to 38 percent in 2016.

About a third of those who attend (and don’t) strongly support him.

Evangelicals aren’t the only ones dissatisfied with the ballot options.

And 45 percent of white evangelicals said they meant their vote as opposition to Hillary Clinton, not as an endorsement of Trump.